What is a gong bath?

Well, there’s no water or bathtub involved and you remain fully clothed!

A gong bath or sound bath is a deeply relaxing experience. You come along and lie down, bringing with you a mat, blankets and pillows to snuggle up in, as if you are settling down for a nap!

You can alternatively remain seated as the gongs are played by a gong/sound therapist. There’s no physical movement involved and you don’t have to meditate because the sounds from the gongs will take you into a meditative state.

The sound of the gongs “washes” over you, “bathing” you in soothing sounds and vibrations, leaving you feeling relaxed, refreshed and re-energised. The sessions usually run for an hour with the gongs playing for most of the session and then other instruments are used to help ground you and bring you back from the meditative state, followed by a short period of silence. 

It has been said that an hour of gong bathing is equivalent to a good night of sleep! In addition to feeling relaxed and helping to promote a good night of sleep, a session can help to release tension and tightness within the body. People often comment on relief from migraines, arthritis, joint pain to name but a few.

A feeling of calmness and wellbeing are the more general results of a gong bath.

It’s accessible to any age as there is no movement or effort involved on your part, apart from lying down or sitting and being in the ”gong space”. 

Please check with the gong practitioner/sound therapist beforehand that children under 16 are able to attend a general gong bath, or if you need to find a family session. Also, please let them know if you have any health issues or concerns and if you are in your first trimester of pregnancy.

As more research is available on the effects and  benefits of sound and vibration on the body and mind, more practitioners are training and the popularity of gong baths is increasing, you may find a session popping up in a location or venue near you. 


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