Full Moon

Full moons are not just for werewolfs to enjoy! Here’s a few ways that you can make the most of them too!

I just wanted to share with you a few things that I have learnt over the years about the full moon.

As we are made up of around 70% water, it may come as no surprise that we are affected by the moon phases just as the seas are. The tides ebb and flow as we move through the different moon phases, as do our emotions.

As the full moon brings higher tides, you may find that your emotions feel fuller and more heightened around the full moon too. The slightest thing can make us want cry – a person, a throwaway comment, a piece of music, a film or a TV programme are some of the things that could trigger that flood of water, our tears. The temptation is to suppress the flow and give yourself a stiff talking to, “not be so silly” and stop the flow. But that release of emotion is good for us.

I think of ourselves like a saucepan of water with the lid on, simmering away. Occasionally the temperature is turned up and our emotions start to boil up and the pan lid starts to lift and when this happens we may find it uncomfortable with the thoughts and emotions that come to the surface and not want to deal with them. So we turn the heat down so the lid comes back on and we can ignore and put away what has just come up to the surface. But when we store these negative thoughts and emotions they may then manifest in a physical block somewhere in our body and mind.

Full moon releasing

Full moons are a great time to release those unwanted thoughts and emotions. Here a few ways that may help:

  • Hand write down any unwanted thoughts, emotions, beliefs, attitudes, behaviours, patterns, relationships, people, addictions, work, etc. on a piece of paper and then burn it
  • Stand outside in the open air, by the sea or in a forest and verbalise the things that you have in your mind and allow it to be carried away in the air
  • Stand in water e.g. the sea, river, stream up to your knees (if you don’t mind the coldness) and allow the thoughts to be taken away with the flow of the water


You may find that your sleep pattern is disturbed around the full moon, this again is to do with the pull of the moon on our bodies. If you find that you are woken and are unable to get back to sleep and lie in bed tossing and turning, then try getting up and going to see if you can see the full moon and just stand looking at it for a few moments, then return to bed and hopefully you will find that you are able to return to sleep.


The same as we sunbathe on a sunny day, absorbing the suns energy we can also do the same with the light of a full moon:

  • Lie or sit somewhere that you are in the light of the full moon and visualise that you are breathing in the white, silvery light of the moon, filling your body, from the crown of your head to the tips of your toes, right to the core or your being with this illuminating light, filling you with the positivity and energy of the full moon.

Other things to do on a full moon

  • Place a glass or jug of water in the moonlight to charge overnight and then drink the following morning to cleanse and charge your body
  • If you have crystals place them in the moonlight to charge and cleanse


We don’t always have to understand these things but if we are aware then we can make a conscious and informed decision on the we way we act and are affected!

1 thought on “Full Moon

  1. Thank you Lara. Very interesting and useful! Appreciated ❤🙏


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