Gong Bath – Listening at Home

Here are few tips on how to make the most of your gong bath whilst listening at home:

  • Find a room or space that you will not be disturbed
  • Choose somewhere comfortable – either lie on the floor, in bed or sit in a chair
  • Have pillows and blanket to snuggle up with and make a nest!
  • Wear loose comfortable clothes, PJ’s or onesies!
  • Have a glass of water or drink to keep you hydrated before, during and after
  • Listen with headphones, earphones or speaker – check the volume before you start!
  • Invite your pet to come and join you
  • Place crystals around you or have near you whilst listening
  • And have anything else with you that you feel may benefit from the sound and vibration eg seeds, bread dough, water, etc

Here are some of the things that you may experience during the gong bath:

  • Coughing or sneezing – this is a way of your body releasing
  • Tingling or vibration
  • Tightness in an area where you may have a past or current illness or injury
  • Change in temperature either hot or cold
  • If you have previously suffered or currently suffer with anxiety or stress, this may be heightened for a period of time – breathe through this and you will find it settles down
  • Drift in and out of consciousness, enter a dream state or deep sleep


Drink plenty of fluid afterwards and over the following days, e.g. water, herbal or regular tea, squash, etc. – avoid alcohol directly after the session. If you feel tired or have a headache the day after, this may mean you have not taken enough fluid on board

Take it easy! Try not to go for a marathon after you gong bath! Relax!

Be conscious of any feelings, emotions, thoughts that you may experience afterwards.

If you experience nausea or elimination in any form this is sometimes refered to as a healing crisis or clearing.

Don’t forget to keep hydrated!

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