Mercury Retrograde

What’s that all about? You may have heard about planets turning retrograde and with the planet Mercury this happens about 3 times a year! When a planet is in retrograde it doesn’t mean it’s going backwards, it means that we have a stalling in proceedings connected to that planet. The planet in the night sky may look like it is travelling backwards but this is just an illusion due to the way the planet’s orbits interact with the orbits of the other planets. To us on earth the planet Mercury looks like it is ahead of us and as Earth moves faster than Mercury so it appears that we catch it up and overtake it, leaving it behind us.

The planet Mercury rules communication, travel, contracts, cars etc .

It is linked to the star sign Virgo and a physical level it is linked with the throat and thyroid gland. It is associated with the 5th chakra which is the throat chakra and the colour connected is blue.

Some people believe that things may go wrong when Mercury is in retrograde and see this as a negative time rather than positive. You may feel frustrated, confused and frazzled!

You may experience some of the following during Mercury retrograde:

Electrical gadgets may break suddenly eg washing machine, dishwasher, TV, etc

Computers crash and you lose data

Mobile phones break or are lost

You get stuck in traffic or your car breaks down

Flight, travel arrangements are delayed, luggage may get lost

You turn up on the wrong date or place for a meeting with friends or colleagues

House moves or sales change

Jobs, interviews for jobs may fall through or change

Phone calls, text messages, emails, letters are unanswered or go astray

Lose your keys, purse or bag

You may buy something and then find it in the sale or cheaper elsewhere!

If you are waiting for legal documents/contracts to be signed there maybe delays

Miscommunication with friends or family

It’s not all doom and gloom! Every negative has a positive! On the plus side you may experience some of the following:

An old friend contacts you or appears around you

You may finally finish those home or work projects that have been hanging around for ages

If a gadget breaks down you may get a new one which is better

That lost purse or bag may turn up with something nice inside that you’d forgotten about

Gives you time to review documents and renegotiate in your favour

If you’re travelling, check plans and arrangements and have a back up plan

You might get a better job offer

Use this time to have a sort out, reorganise, reflect and review

Listen clearly and think before you speak

Try not to make any major decisions if you can during Mercury retrograde and go with the flow!

Wear the colour BLUE!

Mercury retrograde date for 2020:

17th February – 10th March

18th June – 12th July

14th October – 3rd November

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