New Moon

Unlike the full moon which we can see so we are reminded it is there, the new moon is completely dark and hidden but the energies are still there and working!

The New Moon is a great time for manifestation. We may not be able to see the moon but we can still use the energy around it. Whether you are manifesting money, a new job or more work, new home or DIY projects or just happiness and health, setting those intentions around the new moon is a great way to start.

You could write these things down, make a vision board or just send the thoughts out into the universe and wait to see what happens! Setting intentions, using the law of attraction, visualisation, positivty all need to come from the heart and not the ego. Sit quietly for a while connecting to your heart and feel what your heart truly desires. Then consciously set your intentions of what you would like to manifest and leave it out there in the universe.

Once you’ve set your intentions try not to over over think them and keep contantly returning to them as you can then cancel out the power of manifestaton by over thinking. Trust that all will be as it should be and will come to you when the time is right. If you haven’t seen any results by the next new moon, you can then use the new moon again to sow the seeds.

The mind is a powerful tool so being conscious of what we are thinking and feeling and therefore sending out into the universe. If we are jealous, envy, addiciton, self doubt, fearful, etc these thoughts can keep us stuck where we are and may cause blocks. Just as we can keep our body moving and clearing blocks in the flow of energy by yoga, reflexology, gong baths, etc also keeping our mind clear of negative thoughts will help in our manifestation. What we send out is what we get back!

Manifestation comes from our thoughts and feelings and the moon in astrology is connected to thoughts and feelings! That is why we are hugely effected by the moons phases and our thoughts and feelings are heightened and brought to the surface. So if we are able to harness the energy of the moon at the right time we should then be able to consciously create our lives.

“Sowing the seeds of love”………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Happy new moon manifesting!

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